Welcome to my ePortfolio.  This portfolio is a reflection of who I am as an educator and my career aspirations.  I have included artifacts exemplifying my explorations with technology education consisting of blog articles, educational technology philosophy, teaching experience, and much more within this portfolio.  As I am in the process of completing my Master’s of Science in Educational Technology Leadership at Texas A&M University-Commerce, this portfolio with change and transform as I work towards integrating instructional design & technology into the classroom.

Journey with me through the complex world of technology and my explorations as an educator facilitating learning with technology.  The opportunities technology affords student learners today is growing and continually changing.  The future of educational technology is not what type of technology we use but rather how we connect the technology with building student knowledge.  In the 21st century, lifelong learning with be essential to adapt to the ever changing landscape of education and technology.

For more information about me and my career goals, visit my About Me page.  Stay updated with new information along with my reflections and growth with educational technology, subscribe with your email address in the subscription field below or with a RSS feed.  Thank you for browsing my portfolio and I look forward to your comments about how technology is transforming education.

Technology Integration and Grant Projects