Project-Based Learning: an Effective Approach

Project-Based Learning: an Effective Approach to Link Teacher Professional Development and Students Learning

This mixed-methods research was conducted over a two and half year period studying the experimentation and evaluation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in teacher professional development and linking it to student learning.  The outcome of the research showed positive support for professional development which engaged teachers with inquiry and experimentation of pedagogical strategies.  As a result, this strengthened the teachers’ and students’ information and communication technologies (ICT).

This research stated it was a mixed-methods research that experimented with the professional development of teachers to change and ultimately impact how students learned in the classroom.  Quantitative research methods were used used to collect and identify both teacher and student information and communication technologies (ICT) as utilized in the classroom with Project-Based Learning (PBL).  The qualitative research was to gauge the  teachers’ understanding and change behaviors to PBL in professional development.  The study used a time series design with a pre-test, interventions, and concluded with a post-test to identify the changes in classroom teaching and student achievement.  The experiment was very time and labor intensive with multiple instruments used to collect the data.  I like how this study correlated with our readings over experimental designs.  The research concludes there is a positive relation to professional development and student learning when teachers are provided extensive training with 21st century skills.

There was not much information about the qualitative research and if there were any issues with the validity of the study over such a long period of time.  The review of the literature was a brief summary of the information researched but there was not much mention about the two different groups of students and teachers that populated the study.  The literature might have provided more information how the groups (the resource-rich and the less developed school) faired throughout the research.  There were a total of 150 PBL projects carried out but no documentation as to what the actual projects were.  I believe the review provided a basic foundation with possibilities to fill in the gaps not discussed or explored.


Shaoqing, G., & Yanjun, Y. (2012). Project-based learning: An effective approach to link teacher professional development and students learning. Journal Of Educational Technology Development & Exchange, 5(2), 41-56.

Texas A&M University – Commerce, Gee Library

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