ETEC 561 – Instructional Design & Technology Archive

Week 5: Current Issues & New Directions 0

The changing landscape of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) with new and emerging technologies has the field constantly evaluating the direction for effective instructional design. These emerging technologies are e-learning environments, learning objects, Web 2.0 technologies, rich media, digital games and simulations, and virtual worlds. Three of these emerging

Week 4: Trends & Issues in IDT 2

Various Contexts in Instructional Design Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) is in demand more than ever these days due to technology and how it is shrinking national borders and creating a competitive global economy. IDT is being used across commercial, education, government, and health care sectors around the world.

Week 3: Evaluating Programs & Human Performance Technology 4

All too often instruction is developed with little thought as to how evaluation of learning or the effectiveness of the instruction will take place. When evaluation is considered on the front end of the instructional design process, it is often limited to evaluating whether the instructional design is more

Week 2: Theories & Models of Learning & Instruction 3

Epistemology and Learning Theories Epistemology, the study of what and how we come to know, has been challenging researchers over the years to develop instructional theories to help learners acquire knowledge. Epistemology is a philosophy which focuses on the mind and how it functions in knowledge acquisition. Instructional theories

Week 1: Defining the Field 5

1. How do the definitions in the first chapter compare to your own definition of instructional or educational technology? One thing I found very interesting is how long instructional technology has been in existence.  My definition or my first thoughts of instructional technology begins in the mid-90’s.  One thing