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Article 3, Teacher Adoption of Technology 2

Teacher Adoption of Technology The adoption and integration of technology is often influenced by costs and benefits associated with how technology is incorporated.  Through previous research the integration of technology by teachers is limited.  There are many beliefs to why educators welcome technology into their classroom and instruction.  The

Technology Integration Unit Project 0

Technology Integration Lesson Plan The lesson plan for the Technology Integration Project details the elements described in the multimedia presentation.  The lesson elements includes a brief description/summary of the technologies used, summary of the instructional theories modeled (correlated with the activities), instructional objectives, intended audience, length of time to present lesson,

Article 2, New Technologies – The Effects on Education 3

How New Technologies Have (and Have Not) Changed Teaching and Learning in Schools The landscape of education is being changed with new technologies entering schools.  The potential opportunities for learning with technology has become more common as educators attempt to overhaul instruction, thinking, and learning with the use of

Teachers are Instructional Designers 0

The ideas and information presented throughout this course CONNECTS me to the belief all learning theorists, in some sense of the word, use scaffolding to bridge the missing gaps between theories.  The focus through the readings has been to provide opportunities for deepening students learning.  Each learning theorist has opened

Evolving Technology & Media Selection 0

Issues and Concerns with Integrating Technology The issues with integrating technology into the classroom should be considered and researched before investing in technology/media that might not be effective, may not benefit student learning, or lack funds to upgrade or repair when inoperable.  For many years there was not a

Article 1 – Here and Now Mobile Learning 5

Here and Now Mobile Learning: An Experimental Study on the Use of Mobile Technology Mobile technology is transforming where learning can occur.  Students are no longer limited to learning inside the confines of the four walls of the traditional classroom.  The environment in which students learn is portable and available

21st Century Emerging Technology 0

As technology is evolving and new technologies are emerging, the need to understand software, media, and devices for instructional objectives is becoming more essential.  The Applying Instructional Media & Technology Blog evaluates, selects, and applies media and technologies for effective integration to complement learning.  Educational technology is more than