A WebQuest for Sachse High School Webmastering Classes

Designed by: Mr. CdeBaca

The Real Jobs

You are part of a dynamic new web design company, which will be a premier media company specializing in web design. You have started this new company with three of your classmates. This new company has created quite a bit of "hype" in the world of web design. The four of you decided to start this company as a result of the unique talents you each possess.

You and your new teammates must create a name for your new company. The name should be specific to represent the company's mission statement. Once a name has been decided upon, a company logo must be designed to help brand the company.

As mentioned, each of you possess a different and unique talent. You and your teammates must decide who will play each role needed in the company. The positions for the company are:

  • Web Boss - the web boss is the project manager. The web boss must work with each team member to insure each web project is completed on time and to the client's specifications. It is the web boss' responsibility to assist any team member who might need assistance during each project.
  • Design Meister - the design meister will be the creative mind for the layout for each project. The design meister must foresee any potential design problems that might occur and plan accordingly while beginning each project.
  • Content King - the content king is responsible for writing the content for each project. It is up to the content king to produce concise and meaningful information for each web page.
  • Pixel Mixer - the pixel mixer is the graphic designer for the company. The pixel mixer must create and maintain graphics for each project. The pixel mixer must be the team member who is most efficient and creative with Photoshop and design software.

There is a silent partner who is funding your company. This silent partner is known solely as "Mr. C." Once the company name, company logo, and role for each team member has been decided upon, your new company must present this information to Mr. C.