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End-User Acceptance of a Learning Management System 0

End-User Acceptance of a Learning Management System in Two Hybrid Large-Sized Introductory Undergraduate Courses: A Case Study This correlational study explored student acceptance and attitude towards the use of the WebCT learning management system (LMS) at the University of Central Florida.  The purpose was to gain a better understanding

Article 1 – Here and Now Mobile Learning 5

Here and Now Mobile Learning: An Experimental Study on the Use of Mobile Technology Mobile technology is transforming where learning can occur.  Students are no longer limited to learning inside the confines of the four walls of the traditional classroom.  The environment in which students learn is portable and available

21st Century Emerging Technology 0

As technology is evolving and new technologies are emerging, the need to understand software, media, and devices for instructional objectives is becoming more essential.  The Applying Instructional Media & Technology Blog evaluates, selects, and applies media and technologies for effective integration to complement learning.  Educational technology is more than

From Device Centric to People Centric Computing 0

From Device Centric to People Centric Ubiquitous Computing: Pre-service Teachers Using Technology Across Spaces Summary: The purpose of this study was to identify how pre-service teachers utilize a one-to-one laptop initiative all through out their education and daily lives.  This initiative focused on developing pre-service teachers’ technology proficiency; and

Project-Based Learning: an Effective Approach 0

Project-Based Learning: an Effective Approach to Link Teacher Professional Development and Students Learning Summary: This mixed-methods research was conducted over a two and half year period studying the experimentation and evaluation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) in teacher professional development and linking it to student learning.  The outcome of the