From Device Centric to People Centric Computing

From Device Centric to People Centric Ubiquitous Computing: Pre-service Teachers Using Technology Across Spaces

The purpose of this study was to identify how pre-service teachers utilize a one-to-one laptop initiative all through out their education and daily lives.  This initiative focused on developing pre-service teachers’ technology proficiency; and as a result, developing confidence to integrate technology into their instruction.

Pithy Critique:
A common reoccurring theme with technology integration is “over sold and underused.”  This study used a mixed methods approach to research pre-service teachers attitudes, perceptions, and ability with technology that is entwined with our daily lives.  The quantitative segment of the study collected data from 107 pre-service teachers in a survey questionnaire.  A case study was used to explore the qualitative segment of the study with only 3 pre-service teachers representing a novice, average, and skilled users of technology.  As a result of only 3 participants for the case study, I believe there are limitations to the study that might not reflect attitudes and perceptions of a broader population.  The instruments to collect the qualitative data were a reflective diary and interview questions.  In theory, these instruments were adequate if the participants answers matched the quantitative data, which was not always the result.  The article focused extensively on the case study and the usage, attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge towards technology in hopes of complementing the questionnaire results. The significance of the study brought light to the idea of training pre-service teachers in education courses how to integrate technology into instruction.  The study also mentions how observations of participants might present a more in-depth understanding of pre-service teachers with their computer usage in and out of the classroom.


Wenli, C., Lee, C., Tan, A., Wettasinghe, M., & Wong, P. (2012). From device centric to people centric ubiquitous computing: Pre-service teachers using technology across spaces. Research & Practice In Technology Enhanced Learning, 7(1), 45-60.

Texas A&M University – Commerce, Gee Library




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